Washbasin Karakter - Dune Dune Karakter

Dune Karakter Washbasin Karakter - Dune

59x41x14,5 cm | thickness: 0mm

Porcelain washbasin decorated by hand with the aesthetics of the KARAKTER tile series. It is the perfect complement for bathrooms decorated with the KARAKTER series. Its large dimensions and its untoned coloured surface give it the appearance of a robust stone washbasin. KARAKTER is a series that is inspired by the strength of nature to reproduce its character in any room. The soft reliefs on its models accentuate its natural appearance.

The KARAKTER series is a perfect choice for an atmosphere of timeless beauty. Combine KARAKTER and/or KARAKTER LIGHT with the BLISS, FINESSE or MOSAIC KARAKTER accessories to highlight spaces or create decorative walls.
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