NUSA Dune NUSA 29,5x24

Dune NUSA 29,5x24 NUSA

29,5x24 cm./11.6x9.4in.

Mosaic combining tesserae in the form of an arch. The marble pieces with reddish veins alternate with silver lapatto effect tesserae coated with PVD. Ideal for combining with the rest of the series or highlighting an area of a room. The Nusa series, inspired by the Greek goddesses who protected the fine arts, combines tradition and the avant-garde.

This series stands out for its reddish veins, whose design creates an effect of movement, dynamism and continuity in the ceramic pieces. Nusa reflects elegance and timelessness, with just the right touch of trendiness, and is designed for projects that want to create an impact.
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