Listello and decorative trims
Listello NOVOLISTEL MAXI Emac Complementos

Emac Complementos Listello NOVOLISTEL MAXI

From 18,38 € *VAT not included
Listelo NOVOLISTEL® MAXI by Emac®Complementos is a totally versatile square section profile, suitable for installation as a listel, floor separator, corner piece, step, etc.

This profile is manufactured in Maxi, an exclusive Emac® material, belonging to the WPC (Wood Plastic Composites) family, which incorporates vegetable fibers in its composition. Maxi has a characteristic texture and a wide range of available colors that integrate perfectly in the environments where it is installed.

Colors: Maxitierra, Maxipizarra, Maxipiedra, Maxipardo, Maxinegro, Maximiel, Maxicoral, Maximadera, Maxigris, Maxigrafito, Maxiarena.

Measurements: H= 10 and 12 mm x 2.5 m. long
Delivery time: To consult
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