Cercol F72 Elastomalta Cercol

Cercol Cercol F72 Elastomalta

Cercol F72 Elastomalta is a two-component, fibre-reinforced, elastic, cement-based mortar for the protection and waterproofing of concrete surfaces, balconies, terraces, old pavements, bathrooms and swimming pools.High resistance to UV rays. Horizontal and vertical surfaces. Indoors and outdoors. PROFESSIONAL USE.

Fields of application Cercol F.72 Elastomalta Waterproofing of flat roofs such as, for example, balconies, terraces, shower trays, non-trafficable concrete roofs subject to particular dynamic stresses.

Presentación: 32 kg containers
Component A: 24 kg sack. Component B: 8 kg drum
Standard: EN 14891 Class CM OP
Delivery time: To consult
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