From 367,00 € *VAT not included
Bañera Novetle

Available sizes:
70x150-160 cm Capacity 225 L - 270 L
70x170 cm Capacity 285 L
75x160-170 cm Capacity 275 L - 290 L
80x170 cm Capacity 325 L
80x180 cm Capacity 345 L
90x180 cm Capacity 385 L
90x190 cm Capacity 406 L
120x190 cm Capacity 560 L
100x200 cm Capacity 440 L

Available functions:
Pneumatic Hydro
Stainless steel hydro
2 Stma Inox
2 Stma Chromotherapy Inox
2 Stma Electonic

Skirt available:
Front flap
Side skirt

Colours: White
Delivery time: To consult
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